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"Thanks again for all that you did today. We’ll definitely call on you again…."
Melanie S. from Canterbury Place Senior Living

Get to Know About Klaus And More!

The Performer

Most recently Klaus performed as part of the Blyth Festival in the hit show “Mr.New Year’s Eve: A night with Guy Lombardo” where Klaus received much praise about his trumpet stylings within the show.

Currently Klaus is also keeping busy as a trumpet player in various settings, including weddings, corporate events, private functions, and anywhere a trumpet sound is desired.

Over the past two decades, Klaus has enjoyed performing for audiences of different genres throughout Canada, Europe, and the USA. His experience ranges from playing solo trumpet for ceremonies, such as Remembrance Day and Easter, to playing in German Polka bands (Kitchener Oktoberfest), Mexican Mariachi bands, Jazz Combos, Big bands, Top 40 bands, as well as classical groups.

For more information, download the “Klaus Anselm – Performer and Educator Info Sheet.pdf”

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Klaus recently completed two months at the Blyth Festival as trumpet player for the show "Mr.New Year's Eve: A Night with Guy Lombardo". It was such a fun time and hopefully the opportunity to play in the charming community of Blyth Ontario will present itself again.

The Bandaids are gearing up to start a new school year, excited to bring on new private lesson programs and masterclasses in new schools in and around the GTA

Klaus is also happy to continue playing with Saturday Night Jive as their official trumpet player.

Past member of”Groove Marmalade”, “Elton Rohn” (Elton John Tribute Band), “Dan Aykroyd’s Elwood Blues Band” (Kingston ON), and many others


Trumpets: Yamaha 6445 C Trumpet, Yamaha Bobby Shew Bb Trumpet, Shilke B1 Bb Trumpet

Flugelhorn: Le Blanc Arturo Sandoval Flugelhorn

Electronics: Shure Wireless Clip On microphone, Shure Wireless In-Ear Monitor System, Alpine Instrumental Microphone

Currently seeking performance and teaching opportunities

The Educator

With partner Mike Wark, Klaus has set up a music education company that works with music teachers within the school system to provide assistance and resources to music programs. Check out The Bandaids for more information ( Klaus is also an enthusiastic trumpet teacher for beginner and young trumpeters. Contact him directly if you desire a trumpet lesson. (

Klaus had the privilege of attending Humber College, obtaining an Advanced Diploma in Jazz Studies with Honours. While at Humber where he studied with some of the finest and accomplished players in the country including Steve Crowe, Alastair Kay, Brian O’Kane, and Steve McDade.

For more information, download the “Klaus Anselm – Performer and Educator Info Sheet.pdf”
""Klaus Anselm is outstanding as the trumpet player. His solos are exceptional, with the trumpet giving the music an authentic sound. " "

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